The Australian Chronicles

Part 1




This is the story of three friends who lived in the Land Down Under (Australia). Hereís a map with all the states. ††As you know, they lived in a special area of the Outback (see below) called the Bins. ††Each bin was a neighborhood with its own set of families, schools, grocery stores, libraries, and parks.


Our group of three friends, who lived in Bin 65, were Coco, the Koala Bear,


(and his favorite Eucalyptus tree). Hereís William the Wallaby and Joey the baby kangaroo, who really likes sitting in his motherís pouch when heís not out playing with his friends.


If you think that kangaroos and wallabies look alike, youíre right. They are both marsupials, but of course no one would confuse one for the other.


Last month, Coco, William, and Joey had an adventure in Tasmania

which is a little island off the southeast coast of Australia, mostly famous for the Tasmannian Devil.


But thatís all over and done with, and now itís on to the story of the Witch Up-Over, the most evil creature in the League of Evil-Doers, even worse than Morgana and Nefarious.


Word spread in Bin 65 that Up-Over was out to destroy all koala bears, and as a first step she was killing all the Eucalyptus trees. The little Australian animals were all helpless and didnít know what to do, until Joeyís mother (38 years young) remembered stories about a little girl in San Jose who might be able to help them.


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